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Trendy Accessories To Update Your Summer Swimsuit Style Instantly

The season for sun and sea and sand is right around the corner. This also means it’s time to pull out the shades, the sunscreen, and the swimsuits. After all, you’re bound to have at least a few margaritas-by-the-pool occasions through the summer. But whether you’re pulling out an old, classic or picking up new seasonal wear, the nifty little details are what will make you stand out in all the right ways. From trending jewelry to bucket bags and hats, here are some of the must-have pieces you should have in your summer wardrobe.

Seashells for The Seashore

Shell jewelry is all the rage on the gram. From anklets to necklaces and earrings, the trend is blowing up all around us. Inexpensive and boho-chic, this jewelry gets you vacay-ready and beach-friendly in minutes.

Shady Shields

Whether you’re going for Italian bombshell-like oversized sunglasses, trying a more sporty or classic frame or bug-eyed look, statement shades can make or break your sun time and photo ops like no other accessory. Pick ones that suit your face shape rather than just following the trend, and you’ll get better outcomes across your snapshots.

Hat Stack

Bucket, wide-brimmed, cotton, wicker or straw, you can never have enough hats. A great hat will protect you from the sun and will easily add plenty of interest to any tankini or beach wrap. Throwback to the ’70s with colorful, crocheted headgear or try a practical cotton canvas safari styled one, the trick is in figuring out what looks great on you and gets the job done.

Layered Necklaces

Hippie chic at one time, this trend of layering pieces isn’t going away in a hurry. Gold, silver, bronze, platinum – any metal looks gorgeous against sun-kissed skin and plunging swimsuit necklines.

Hair Bobbles

Summer hair is the best place to show off your personality and style. Sweep back wavy strands with quirky hair clips, knotted headbands or use a handkerchief or scarf creatively. ’90s reminiscent of velvet headbands and scrunchies are also making a comeback. We love them because of their effortless and fuss-free styling.

Chinch It

While you wouldn’t think beaches and belts go together, this year, nipped-in waists and belts on tankinis, bikinis, and one-pieces are a huge trend. Add a highlighting metallic belt to contrast an existing swimsuit or pick one with a matching sash for a refreshing look that’s both polished and chic.

Sporty Sandals

Summer and sandals are a complete no-brainer. But here’s the twist, this year has every fashion girl lusting not after the roman styles or the bejeweled flip flops but the sporty sandals. Fashionable, comfortable and very relaxed in hot, humid weather, these beachy foot savers will protect you when you step out on hot sand, jagged rocks and in the water – all without making your feet sore.

Whatever the occasion, add any combination of these Instagrammable pieces to level up your cool quotient and take your swimwear and beach cover-ups from drab to 100% fab!

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