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Top Food Delivery App Tips to Make Your Life Easier Today

Whether you’re bored, too exhausted to cook or don’t want to step out in the rain or snow, food delivery apps will come to the rescue. But even the most convenient apps out there have little ways to make the process a whole lot easier and better. How? Refer friends for extra savings, get discounts online and coffee on call whenever you want. 

Read on to find out just how you can make the most of your food delivery app with these easy tips.

Get Your Starbucks Delivered

You know that time between breakfast and lunch or lunch and tea when you’re dying for a Vanilla Latte, Java Chip Frappuccino®, or Lemon loaf but can’t get away from your office. Now, you can have any or all of your favorites from Starbucks brought right to you by merely ordering via your favorite food delivery app. Plus, you don’t have to worry about twisted lines and grumpy baristas!

Customized Delivery Directions

If you live in a home that is challenging to get to, or  there’s a trick to opening the front door, then you’re in luck. Food service apps let you add detailed address descriptions, delivery instructions and even give you the option to tell drivers to leave the food by the door if you like.

Get Better Discounts

Coupon codes keep popping up. Many do everything from giving you money off your first purchase to limited time offers, waived delivery fees and more. While some are advertised on the app itself, others are easily found through social media and emailers. A great rule of thumb is to never pay without checking if there’s an offer you can apply to your order.


There’s nothing worse than looking forward to enjoying your burger with that unique whole, grain mustard or thinking about dipping fries in ketchup, only to find that the restaurant has forgotten the condiments. Always ask for extra helpings of sauces to cover this little problem. Often, if not always, it’s free!

Be Kind to Your Driver

Having the option of food brought straight to your door can be fantastic. But thanking or tipping the person delivering it to you is just good manners. Showing your appreciation when they drop off your food, especially in inclement weather, may earn you some brownie points that will get you your order faster another time or ensure your food gets to you without being smashed, split or crushed.

Use Referrals 

Many food delivery apps allow you to benefit from recruitment. Enjoy account credits, free delivery and exclusive benefits every time someone signs up using your code. The trick is sharing it and then ensuring they sign up.

Say Yes to Notifications

Saying yes to push notifications means you’ll be able to track your order, get the latest discounts and even know when the driver has reached your door – handy especially when you have sleeping babies or pets that will be disturbed by the bell.

Finally, today there are so many many options when it comes to food ordering apps. So, if you’re feeling like a Reuben sandwich but one app doesn’t offer it from your favorite restaurant, look around, we’re sure one of the others might. Among all the apps available, there are very few things you can’t get with a few clicks.

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