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Super Useful Samsung Galaxy Phone Features You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Samsung Is the Market Leader when It Comes to Android Phones and They Constantly Innovate New Features for Their Flagship Phones. but The Majority of Users Are Not Aware of Inbuilt Features that Can Unlock the Phone’s Full Potential and Help Make Life Easier. Here Are the Top Five.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is an excellent feature of all new Samsung phones. Efficiently allowing you to charge your device by setting it on a charging pad eliminates the hassle of searching for the charging slot in the dark.

Single-Hand Operation

Using your phone with just one hand can be helpful especially if you have small hands or if you are busy and have only one hand free. Triple tapping the home button or swiping diagonally from a bottom corner shrinks the screen to allow you to reach all areas efficiently with one hand. 

SOS Message Function

Samsung phones offer an emergency message service for up to four emergency contacts when you are in distress. Rapidly clicking the power button three times sends out an SOS message ‘i need help’ to pre-defined recipients. While it also sends your location on a map, you can configure the phone to send a five-second audio recording or even a picture when the alert is activated. To enable the SOS feature, navigate to Advanced features in your phone’s settings.

Gaming Tools

Samsung has included several tweaks that can give you a better gaming experience. When you are playing a game the Game Tools menu allows you to customize settings like disable alerts, lock brightness, toggle fullscreen, or even record a video. To access these tools look for the menu in the navigation area of the screen.

Custom Vibration Patterns

A recently added feature in Samsung devices is the ability to customize vibration patterns. Changing the way the phone vibrates allows you to differentiate between calls, text messages, and other notifications. You can even set custom vibration patterns to your contacts so you know who’s calling even if your phone is silent.

Now that you are in the know, head over to the settings menu and try them out. After all, a smartphone should make life easier for you, right?

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