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Six Easy Ways To Trim Your Medicare Costs

If you are eligible for Medicare, you already get up to 80 percent of approved costs covered but you can still be smart about how much you pay in copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Here are five simple ways to cut costs while on Medicare and stay in good shape in your senior years.  

Consider Part C or A Medicare Advantage Plan

Part C of Medicare has lower premiums but a limited network of doctors. If you are in relatively good health, it will also cover things traditionally missed by Medicare such as dental, vision and wellness services. Medicare Advantage isn’t a standardized plan so your options are limited to what is available in your state but depending on other variables, it might be more economical than Parts A, B, and D.

Always Check the List of Doctors in The Network

Visiting in-network doctors will reduce your out of pocket costs. Check that your doctor ‘accepts assignment’. This means that you only have to pay the coinsurance and deductible costs.

Avail of Preventative Healthcare Services on Offer

If you are enrolled in Medicare you can access services like the annual flu shot, shots to prevent hepatitis B, health screenings and tests to detect colon, breast and prostate cancer. These services are free. If a test does throw up a condition, you will have to pay some portion of the treatment costs. However, regular screenings will help you catch a health condition or complication early and help you save on future costs.

Work on Adopting a Fit Lifestyle

Prevention is better than cure. Obesity is the cause of many chronic conditions that are both painful and costly. A 2009 study found that obese seniors’ share of Medicare spending has doubled from 1987 to 2002. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are easy lifestyle changes to make now that will prevent this. Take up an activity you like such as swimming, dancing or gardening and incorporate it into your day.

Get a Second Opinion

A new physician might offer you a different treatment plan or a new perspective for a condition that might make sense for you. This will save you on costly procedures like back surgery or a hip replacement.

Pay with Cash

As far as possible, avoid paying for expenses with a credit card unless you are sure you can pay your debt off. Defaulting on payments will only add a hefty interest to your healthcare costs.

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