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Simple DIY Maintenance You Can Do Around Your Home

Whether you are renting or buying, home upkeep and repairs can be expensive. Every home has few maintenance jobs that need attention, and you’d probably be tempted to call in a professional to fix the problem. But did you know that many home repairs can be done yourself and require little or no experience?   Here are five simple repairs you can do around the home without needing to call in professional help.

Dented Wood Furniture

So you’ve tossed your phone on the coffee table, and it left a nasty dent on the woodwork. If it’s a small area that’s damaged, the good news is that you don’t have to call in a professional to fix it. You’ll need a large cotton dish towel, water, and an iron. Dampen the towel with water and fold it into quarters. Place the dish towel over the damaged spot and set your iron to high. While ensuring that the steam function is off press the cloth with the iron till the towel stops steaming. Repeat the process if needed and finish with good furniture polish.

Dirty Grout

By nature, tiling grout tends to absorb grime that doesn’t seem to come off no matter what you try. So instead of scrubbing away with bleach again, consider using a grout ink pen. Using it is easy and the new-look effect lasts for weeks. After cleaning the surface of any dust, apply a coat that matches your grout. Apply another coat after an hour.

Curling Wallpaper

A common problem with wallpaper is that the corners and edges tend to peel away from the wall. A quick fix to this problem is using seam repair adhesives. These are easy to use even for a DIY novice. Apply an even coat on the wall or the back of the paper and press in place.

Door Squeaks

Over time doors tend to develop squeaks that eerily remind us of scary movies. These thankfully are an easy fix. To begin, shut the door tightly and remove the center pin from one hinge. Lightly tap it upward with a screwdriver and hammer till its out. After cleaning the pin with an abrasive pad, apply a little petroleum jelly all over the pin. Reinsert the pin and repeat the process with other hinges on the door.

Toilet Trouble

If your toilet seems to flush a little slowly, it’s not necessarily the water pressure in the pipes. Sometimes buildup of calcium and minerals in the water can clog the holes under the rim, reducing the flow. Scrubbing these holes on the underside of the toilet rim with a stiff-bristled brush often restores the water flow with minimum effort. With several DIY advice websites around, be sure to do your research about any project before starting it. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put in a little effort, you can manage to stop a disaster in its tracks before it causes too much damage to your home or your bank balance
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