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Secret Ways to Get More Savings from Your Hotel Stay

If you’ve been traveling for a while, you probably already know most of the ways you can make the process easier. But these next few tips and strategies will also help you make your trip more cost-effective without breaking a sweat.

Research Room Prices

Hotel room prices change from day to day and can even vary from room to room. If you decide to extend or shorten your stay, figuring out how much your room costs in advance can be advantageous. But here’s the best bit; once you finalize your plan, talk to the folks at the front desk. This way, you may be able to keep the same room and have the additional night added to your final invoice – no need for a completely new booking or confirmation code. Doing your research earlier will help you negotiate keeping the same rate if you find out that the room will cost more or pay the reduced price if there’s a slump in prices for that day.

Save on Flights with Airport Hotels

Flying anywhere can be an expensive proposition. You can save tons of money by merely shifting your flights by a day or flying in the wee hours. Many airport hotels even offer free parking for a few days making it more cost-effective to try a short stay at an airport hotel, get a cheaper flight while thoroughly covering the cost of airport parking. Bonus – you get a couple of extra hours of sleep and possibly free breakfast too.

Make Sure You Get the Best Deals

Some of the large booking sites now offer a ‘best price guarantee’ when it comes to bookings for flights, hotel stays, vehicle rentals and more. This means if you see a good deal and want to book it straight away, you have more options to get a refund if you later find the same room for a better price elsewhere. Read the fine print though as some sites may not match prices on hotel room rates discounted with a coupon.

Direct Bookings 

Hotel chains are working hard to get customers to book directly and are more willing to bring out discounts and benefits when you go directly to them. Booking directly has many upsides, including slightly better service as hotels make more money because they don’t have to pay high commissions. Sometimes hotels don’t play fair and may not offer you a better deal than a booking site. The easiest way to fix this is to call up the reservation desk directly and ask if they will match the rate you’ve found on a particular site.

Use Your Memberships Well

Most Americans are members of one association or another, and many of these memberships include benefits like hotel discounts. Your credit card company also probably offers you several benefits you aren’t using well. Even getting 10 to 15 percent off a $200 booking is a considerable saving.

Check for Cheaper Hotels with Airport Shuttles

Many hotels that are not right next door to the airport offer an airport shuttle. Larger booking sites might not advertise this, so if you find a hotel you like, call and find out if they run a free or subsidized airport shuttle service. While they may not always offer this service, they may be able to get you a taxi at a reduced rate.

Make Early Morning Checkouts Better

Morning flights can mean you will miss breakfast and get to the airport hungry. Ask if your hotel can make a to-go breakfast box of something small like a muffin, a sandwich and some coffee to take with you if you know you’ll be out before breakfast is served.

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