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Pet Products You Need

Dental Care Toys, Treats, and More

All this extra time at home is probably giving extra attention to our pets’ breath, which explains the rise in online searches for pet dental care: teeth-cleaning toys, treats, and dog toothbrushes.

Novelty Pet Beds

Going beyond a simple floor pillow, modern pet beds come in fun shapes and themes, with everything from pop culture references to extra cuteness. Some more good news for online retailers for these products is that these bigger beds come with a bigger price tag as well.

Multifunctional Biting Toy

Pet toys usually have a steady demand, but a new type of pet toy is gaining popularity quickly at the moment. Commonly referred to as ‘multifunction biting toys’, these doggie toys combine different biting toys into one. While they may look simple enough to owners, for dogs they promise a variety of entertainment.

These biting toys are easy to sell, you can promote them as many toys for the price of one, or you can choose to highlight how dogs love them more than normal toys. While the name isn’t well known, you can choose to use other popular keywords like interactive pet toy or self-playing toy.

Hamster Cage

Search results now show an increased interest in hamsters. While sending live animals through the mail isn’t recommended, hamster cages fit perfectly in e-commerce products.

Just like pet beds, hamster cages come in various styles that cater to niches. However, before you invest in exquisite hamster cage accessories, test more common products with low risk.

Cat Litter Mats

It isn’t surprising that cat litter mats are gaining popularity in recent months. What’s surprising, however, is that they haven’t been this popular yet. It’s a no-brainer concept, cat owners hate the mess outside litter boxes, so why not employ a similar solution as we do for our shoes?

These litter mats can also be personalized to fit niches, both in terms of style, such as cute shapes and fun colors and practicality, such as leak prevention and better litter trapping.

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