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Pay Less to Travel Well – Yes, You Can!

When it comes to high-flying comfort and getting the best deals, it’s easy to see why the stakes are so high. Frequent fliers will understand that traveling for cheap is an art and knowing how and when to book, which credit cards to use and learning to spot the best deals are not what you will see advertised anywhere. These are skills you will have to pick up on your own.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best loopholes, tips, and tricks you can do to score those low fares that will make everyone envious and help you have more dollars to enjoy your vacation.

Get Trained in The Art of Travel Hacking

When it comes to travel deals, we could all do with education. US-based Frequent Traveler University holds courses and seminars to teach travelers the best ways to travel cheaper, better and more creatively. This might seem like an excellent idea for anyone who wants to learn how to redeem air miles for trips that can cost upwards of $20,000 or how to use the points to fly on partner airlines and popular routes. Some of these classes are so highly coveted for their information, that they are conducted almost in secret. Catch one if you can!

Think About Manufactured Spends

What if we told you there was a way to earn air miles without actually flying? Banks have promotions on new products that often give you 50,000, 100,000, 150,000 points promotions. Apply for a few of these cards, make the minimum amount spend and it’s time to start looking for flights. But these minimum spends can be quite high. How do you beat the system? Get a credit card that offers the desired rewards. Purchase a gift card and use it to get a money order. Finally, simply deposit it into your bank and pay off your credit card to complete this circle. While this isn’t approved spending behavior, if calculated correctly, it can be worth it.

Braving Hidden City Tickets

When a flight from A to B is far more expensive than a trip from A to C via B, this makes an attractive case for daring travelers who want to try hidden city ticketing. What happens is simple; get on at point A and exit the airport at B. The risk – you can be penalized for skipping parts of your itinerary. Wildly frowned upon by the airline industry, this can lead to frequent flier privileges being revoked and miles being confiscated but is still routinely used by some travelers in the know. Besides, this will only work if you have no checked-in bags.

Credit Card Lottery

Getting yourself a premium credit card with a robust rewards program, will give you many benefits you can use not only on airlines but with car rental companies and hotels. One of the best tips for frequent travelers is to get a card that offers worldwide airport lounge access for free. You should get as many tickets as possible. Manage them, and you will improve your credit score and get a whole lot of benefits. But watch that you don’t miss your payments or rack up too much debt or you will pay dearly.

With the economy in a downward spiral, travelers will try virtually anything to get the best deals. If you’re keen to learn from and give back, join the numerous online forums that share information, updates and keep you apprised of the latest in how to make the most of your travel on a budget.

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