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Packing for Europe? Here Are 8 Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget

What to bring to Europe can be a long list of things depending on the season, travel style, and region you plan to visit. But some items are universal, irrespective of where in Europe you head to and what your trip involves.

Packing Cubes

These little helpers have revolutionized packing for any trip. Short-haul or long haul, quality packing cubes help you to easily organize and find things in your backpack or suitcase whenever you need it. Get ones with breathable mesh panels to store dirty clothes, waterproof ones for wet towels and bathing costumes and compressible ones to save space and get more things into a small bag.

Portable Charger

A power-packed schedule and plenty of travel can leave all your devices with sapped batteries. What’s worse is if this should happen along the way. A portable, external power bank is an irreplaceable tool when you have limited charging time and space. Having a little extra juice to power your phone or camera can be both useful and necessary on any trip.

Neck Wallet

A neck wallet allows you to easily conceal your cash, credit cards, hotel keys, smartphones and essential travel documents from pickpockets and thieves. Easily hide it under your shirt or jacket and travel anywhere without worrying about losing your valuables.

Travel Insurance 

Many things can go wrong, and in case that happens, you’ll need travel insurance. Comprehensive travel insurance will not only cover accident and medical costs but also replace lost or stolen items and will pay flights and accommodation if yours get canceled.

Prepaid Sim Card

Having high-speed data as soon as you land in a foreign country can be one of the most useful things you will do for yourself. Whether it’ sits booking a cab, getting directions or merely being able to connect to loved ones quickly, it can be a real godsend. Find one that is compatible with multiple European countries if you are traveling through, it can be way cheaper than paying for roaming with your local carrier.

Internet Safety

You might wonder what this is doing on this list, but here’s what makes it so valuable. The EU has different rules when it comes to the internet and sites that work just fine back home like YouTube or Netflix may cease to work when you’re traveling. Besides giving you a layer of added protection from online criminals, a good VPN will allow you to view any website you need to without any hassle. Besides, you can also protect your passwords, credit card details and your identity for a small price.

Travel Daypack

When you have an itinerary that has you up and about all day long, you need somewhere to stash your food, water and other belongings while giving you two hands free for cameras, maps, trekking and more. A good quality daypack has numerous little compartments, is lightweight, foldable and can be quite stylish too.

Comfy Footwear

Trips to Europe usually involve a lot of walking. Coupled with the cobblestone pathways and unpredictable weather, a comfortable pair of walking shoes is a must, especially if you know they are bound to get wet in a sudden downpour.

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