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Men’s Wear Accessories You Need To Own


A men’s watch is highly versatile and goes with any outfit, making it a useful investment. This is a piece that you will cherish for years to come and perhaps may even want to make it a family heirloom to hand down to your future son.

Tie and Bowtie

These accessories bring together any outfit. Make sure you own at least one silk tie, a couple of solid-colored ties, and a subtle striped navy tie.


A shabby wallet looks unpresentable, even if you are otherwise impeccably dressed. If you prefer to not carry around a wallet, choose a money clip cum phone-cover that lets you store some cash along with your phone.


Keeping your business card in a sleek case is an absolute must to make a bold statement. The simple act of pulling a card out of one is sure to impress people around you immediately.


Besides offering much-needed protection from the sun, sunglasses also do the job of giving you an aura of mystery. Identify your face shape and choose a suitable frame. If you wear spectacles and can’t wear sunglasses, try out a stylish half-rimmed frame and get everyone’s heads turning.

Pocket Square

One of the most perfect accessories to make any suit immediately dapper is a silk or cotton pocket square. If you are unsure of how to wear one, there are a few folding styles and options available online that you can give a go.


Cufflinks are a very personal style statement for men and can either be monogrammed with your own initials or sport something even more personal like your loved one’s or your pet’s initials.


A scarf is an accessory that makes you immediately look both uber-stylish as well as sophisticated. For those cold winter days, get rid of the hoodies and try on a thick woolen scarf instead to up your style game.


Buy a couple of belts in different colors and materials so that you have a fair choice whenever you are styling an outfit. You should always try to match your belt to your shoes to be able to bring your outfit together.

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