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How To Prevent And Remove Mold From Your Home!

Mold and mildew, a fungus that feeds off of organic surfaces exposed to excessive water, poor ventilation, and no direct sunlight – that’s what the black gunk in your shower or white powder on your cartons is all about.

While a little bit won’t make you sick, the mold will spread and can trigger allergic reactions or ruin your furnishings. Luckily, we’ve got a few great tips on how to prevent mold and how to clear it up when it happens.

Preventing Mildew

– If your basement or attic gets damp, avoid storing your books, linen, or furniture there.

– Leave the bathroom door open after showering to let the moisture get out.

– Get yourself a dehumidifier and try to keep indoor humidity levels between 30-50% to avoid the appearance and growth of mildew.

Shower Curtains

Wash the plastic curtains on the highest water level with a mild detergent and add a few bath towels for extra agitation. When done, hang to dry or put into the dryer on low heat or air dry.

Bathroom Grout

To clean out the grout, mix 3/4 cup of chlorine bleach with a gallon of water and apply it to small areas with a stiff brush. Ensure that the liquid doesn’t spatter onto surrounding surfaces. Let it sit for several minutes and then scrub and rinse.


First, take it outside and brush off the spores. Next sundry the garment for about 3-4 hours and then machine-wash on a gentle cycle. Use non-chlorine bleach if colored or chlorine bleach if white. Yes, it’s that simple!

Wood Surfaces

To remove mildew from wood, loosen the spores with a soft brush. Clean small areas with wrung out cloth dipped in diluted dishwasher detergent. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth and dry immediately. If possible, wipe down with furniture polish to restore the shine and protect the finish.

Painted Walls

At the first sign of mildew on painted walls, mix 3/4 cup bleach with a gallon of water. Apply carefully with a soft scrub brush and let the solution soak in for about 15 minutes before wiping with water. Dry thoroughly.

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