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How to Be Productive While Working from Home with Kids

Whether you work full time from home or you’re logging in to work during an extended family vacation, it’s not always easy to be productive when working outside the confines of an office. Besides the lack of camaraderie and co-workers to bounce ideas off, getting anything done with screaming children and the TV on full blast can seem next to impossible.

But we’ve got some news for you. Working from home is entirely possible if you learn how to create a space and routine that fosters productivity. Check out some of our most useful tips.

Set up A Home Office

Create a dedicated place to work. Whether it’s a room or even a desk in your bedroom, it creates a workspace that allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Benefit from Nap Time

There are fewer distractions for you to cope with when your kids are napping. Resist the urge to catch up on household chores during this time unless necessary. Plan work that requires your focus and attention during the time your baby is asleep. Sacrificing sleep and waking up early to complete a project might not work if your baby is an early riser too. Take advantage of your baby’s afternoon nap time to catch up on work. Planning your day around the time your baby takes a nap can be beneficial and can leave you with more free time during the day.

Set Limits

When working from home, keep in mind that you will not be able to take on endless hours of work each day. Know your limits and prioritize the job you want to complete daily.

Don’t Get Disheartened

It’s easy to feel low when you’ve set yourself up for success but can’t manage to complete a lot of work in a day. Keep in mind that when you work from home with a child, things don’t always go as planned.

Keep at It when The Going Is Good

If you feel like you’re on a good streak, don’t stop. Try and finish as much as you can.

Childcare Can Be a Blessing

If you find that you have too much on your plate and deadlines are approaching rapidly, consider childcare. This could include hiring a nanny or even asking a family member for help on big workload days.

Enjoy Time with Your Little One

Take time out to embrace the little moments with your child. These could help you maintain your focus when it’s time to get back to work.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Learn to be patient. It’s easy to lose your cool when working under pressure and having a child always disturbs your flow of thought. It’s important to remember that kids will be kids, and they still don’t understand the way everything in the world works.

Finally, even the best-intentioned parents have limits. So be prepared to pack a bag and head out to a peaceful corner in a park or a quiet library to complete your project while someone else is caring for your baby. Following these tips will allow you to make the most of your time at home and will enable you to find the right work-life balance eventually.

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