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Gym Machines You Should Be Using

Horizontal Seated Leg Press

What you work: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves

Why it’s worth it: Most trainers agree that this is their lower-body machine of choice. If used with correct technique, this can help you move toward squats off of the machine.

Lat Pulldown

What you work: Latissimus dorsi, the shoulder girdle

Why it’s worth it: If you’re interested in doing a pull-up, this is the place to start. You’ll build your back muscles while activating your entire posterior chain.

Cable Biceps Bar

What you work: Biceps

Why it’s worth it:

These are great for avoiding the swinging of dumbbells and all these movements, you get the most when you slowly raise and then lower the weight with the cable helping force you to do the same.

Cable Triceps Bar 

What you work: Triceps

Why it’s worth it: Just like with the lat pulldown or cable biceps bar, you can switch the grip with this machine, using a straight bar, a v-bar, or a rope to help keep the move differentiated.

Building strong triceps is important for push-ups, pull-ups and maintaining balanced strength in the arms.

Chest Press

What you work: Chest, biceps, triceps

Why it’s worth it: The chest press machine has a similar motion to a push-up and you’re new to working out, building up your chest, your biceps, and your triceps is helpful for more compound movements in the future.

Hanging Leg Raise

What you work: Core, hip flexors

Why it’s worth it: This is an easy to operate machine and is a great way to work your abs by propping up on your forearms and simply lifting your legs up instead of swinging.

Cardio: Rowing Machine

What you work: Total body, especially the posterior chain, and building endurance (cardio)

Why it’s worth it: There’s nothing wrong with a treadmill but the rowing machine can be a great way to shake things up since it’s got the upper-body and lower-body aspect of resistance training and helps balance the computer-hunch.

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