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Get Ready For Plumbing In Spring & Summer

One of the most essential tasks to check off your list of spring and summer maintenance is to prepare the plumbing of your house. Here’s a list of things you need to consider while you get ready for  spring and summer to arrive.

Check the Faucets and Sink Pipes

One of the first steps you can take is to check the sink, bath, and shower hardware for signs of leakage and seeping. Make sure to check the exposed pipes below the sink as well. While you’re at it, don’t forget the pipes in your basement and utility room. Should these pipes and faucets show a sign of rust, corrosion or deterioration, it’s best to have them replaced immediately. If the corrosion continues, you might have to face the brunt during summers and might have to compromise on the fun activities you’ve planned.

Look out For Sweating Pipes

The reason pipes sweat is because the water inside them is much colder than the outside temperature. This can make your pipes look like they are leaking. A common summer occurrence, sweating can be prevented by wrapping your pipes. While they are not a great cause for concern, they do cause waste and often bother you with the water-drippings. 

Inspect the Toilets for Leakage

A leaky toilet can be heavy on your wallet. It can even cause damage to the floors which might just increase the repair bills. When you inspect the toilets for spring and summer maintenance, make sure to feel the floor around the toilet. If it feels wet, that could mean there’s a failed joint or a broken seal. Be sure to fix it before the wetness causes damage to the floor or the ceiling below. Next up, lift the lid of your tank and add a few drops of food coloring. Wait for half an hour to check the bowl and see if the coloring has made its way into the bowl. If this happens, there might be a leak in the toilet bowl. 

Unclog the Sprinkler System

Obstructions like dirt, grass clippings or other debris can jam the sprinkler and can result in an unnecessary buildup in water pressure causing the system’s water main to even burst. In order to keep the sprinkler system unclogged throughout the year, it’s important to monitor it and make sure all heads are running as they’re supposed to. A damaged head can do more than simply failing to water the assigned area, it can also create wastage of water. If you come across a damaged sprinkler head, make sure to replace it immediately.

Test Run the Outdoor Faucets

Winter frost can cause damage to pipes and hardware, especially the ones that are outdoors. This damage can result in leakage or breaking of the pipes, if not replaced or fixed in time. A quick test run by running the water supply and opening the valve can give you an indication of the functioning of the hardware and pipes. Check for unusual sounds and signs of leakage, both indoors and outdoors. Open and close the valve a few times to test it properly.

Other things to do to prepare your plumbing for spring and summer:

– Check the washer’s supply hoses

– Clean the sump pump

– Inspect the hoses for expansion

– Clean the gutters and downspouts

– Fix any leakage or cracks

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