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Four Online Calculators To Estimate Your Health Insurance Costs

How much of a dent will a good health insurance policy make in your household budget and finances? How much can you save after investing in a plan with good coverage? How can you use the system to your financial advantage? These and other questions abound when seeking out a good health care plan for you and your family. Exact numbers may be hard to pin down but experts advise getting a rough estimate with the help of a well-designed online calculator. Here are four that you can check out today.

A pro tip: don’t stop at using one. These calculators may not be 100 percent accurate but if you try several you will have a better idea of where you stand financially. Some calculators will alert you to programs that might make sense for your particular stage in life, like a “catastrophic” health plan for people under 30, with low premiums but high out of pocket costs.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundations Subsidy Calculator

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundations Subsidy Calculator requires you to enter your state, an estimate of your annual income, whether you have access to employer coverage, the number of dependents and a few other health-related details. It then calculates where your income stands on a national scale. This is to find out whether you can apply for financial aid programs to help you meet your health care costs. It also calculates premiums, out-of-pocket costs and what kinds of federal tax credits you can receive.

eHealth Inc.

eHealth is designed specifically for finding out your premium tax credit on plans available in your state. It requires a few details and then calculates amounts quite fast. It will also tell you the penalty charges if you stay uninsured.


This online portal is very similar to eHealth Inc and uses data like your zip code, income, age and the number of members in your family to figure out annual premiums and your tax credit.


SHOUTAmerica is a non-profit group that has an initiative called Young Americans for Affordable Health care, which focuses on American youth. Their platform helps you understand your options when it comes to coverage in the individual healthcare market. SHOUTAmerica recognizes that affordability and access are what makes ObamaCare tick, so the calculator is specially designed for young Americans who are already burdened with student debt and other financial constraints. 

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