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Five Ways To Save On Your Dental Bills When You Can’t Afford Insurance

Before we get to our list, we must stress how much adults need Dental care. Conditions like abscessed teeth and gum disease are completely preventable but the high costs of dental care often mean they go untreated until it’s too late. Studies show that there are concrete links between gum disease and heart disease, which means a dental care plan might be the difference between life and death.

However, affordable dental insurance is often hard to find. Medical plans offered through the Affordable Care Act are not obligated to offer dental coverage for adults and stand-alone dental plans are expensive with high premiums. This shouldn’t be a deterrent to visiting your dentist’s clinic regularly. Even if there is absolutely no way that your budget will allow for insurance, here are some ways you can save on dental care costs and take care of your oral health.

Make a Payment Plan with Your Dentist

If you can’t afford to pay upfront for a procedure, ask the office staff at your dentist’s clinic if you can work out a payment plan. Given the astronomic costs of most dental care, many clinics work with patients to find a solution to high bills.

Take out A Non-Interest Loan

Companies like CareCredit Health Financing offer loans for procedures like root canals or crown replacements. You can pay off the loan within a specified time limit that goes up to a year. However, if you default on payments and don’t pay the loan you’ll end up having to pay high-interest rates retroactively from the date of the procedure.

Look for Reduced Costs at A Teaching Facility

This is quite easy to do. Lookup a list of dental hygienist schools in your zip code on the Commission on Dental Accreditation site. Many training facilities have clinics that offer dental care treatment at reduced costs. The quality of the treatment is not compromised since dental students looking for live experiences always work with a faculty member or a supervisor.

Visit a Community Health Center

You can find low cost and even free dental care at a community health center. These centers run on federal funding and cater to people who cannot afford high medical bills.

Research Your State

Find your state public health department on the official website of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ask them to direct you to resources and financial aid plans and programs that might work for you.

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