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Five Ways That Live Streaming Has Changed Our World

Watching something live isn’t exactly new. The Oscars were first televised live from Hollywood in 1953. Before major sporting events were televised, Americans tuned in to the live, gripping commentary on their radio sets. Live streaming takes the exhilaration of that experience and tunes it to a fever pitch with the internet. Here are five ways that the phenomenon of live streaming has changed the world.  

News and Access to Information

With live streaming, major world events, news or updates on social and political events are always available to you and can be accessed on your phone or tablet. While this definitely keeps us more informed and hyper-aware, it also has the effect of not allowing us to switch off or to decompress from the news cycle.

Access to Diverse Cultures and Cultural Products

Remember when everyone was glued to the internet during the Royal Wedding two years ago? Live streaming has found its niche in a global world by bringing diverse cultural experiences to American viewers. By accessing cultural experiences outside from around the world, Americans can truly lay claim to Global citizenship.


Young women have the option to live stream their walks home when it’s late at night or when they feel threatened or are navigating an unfamiliar neighborhood. As Americans get more connected, they rely on live streaming to give them a sense of community and safety. This changes our perception of law and order and our relationship to space too.


A physical classroom is no longer necessary to access learning. Live streaming college lectures or demonstrations of practical skills is the new normal. More universities are turning to the live stream feature, especially when they find themselves limited by the capacities of their auditoriums. These lectures can then be viewed from the school’s website or YouTube channel. It’s not just academic knowledge seekers that stand to benefit from the streaming revolution. Platforms like TedLive stream conferences, business strategies and real-world knowledge right to your mobile device too.   

Celebrity Culture

Our celebrities have never been more accessible than when they stream their daily activities live on Instagram. We can now watch how they meal prep, work out, put their makeup on or watch what they’re watching. Sure, occasionally they may plug their latest album or promote their movie. However, most celebrities engage with live streaming in a way that entirely changes the way we view public figures.

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