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Decorative Lighting You Can Use At Home

Decorative lighting in a home can serve both as functional and aesthetic, whether it’s used for general ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. A well-designed room has layers of decorative and non-decorative lighting that cover all three lighting needs:

Ceiling Fans With Light

Decorative light kits attached under the blades of ceiling fans provide air circulation as well as light, making them a great option for rooms with high or vaulted ceilings. The light kits work independently from the fan, so the fixture can circulate air when the lights are off and vice versa. Light kit styles include chandelier-style assemblies and globe assemblies. 


Chandeliers are circular hanging fixtures with uplights attached to multiple arms, predating the use of bulbs and were powered by candlelight for centuries. Chandeliers fit really well in traditional as well as rustic decorating styles and can be used in practically any room of the home.

Pendant Lighting

Hanging pendant lights are a much modern alternative to traditional chandeliers. Timeless styles of these types of lighting include drum shade pendants, Tiffany-style pendants and farmhouse-style pendants. They may consist of a single hanging fixture anywhere in the house you would find a chandelier or ceiling fixture. Hanging pendants and large chandeliers can easily become the focal point of a room.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces provide both ambient and accent lighting, illuminating dark hallways or highlighting decorative decor. Styles can range from traditional lantern-style fixtures with antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze finishes to contemporary fixtures with frosted glass and brushed nickel finishes. Pocket-style wall sconces with mica or art glass shades and the candle style sconces that mimic antique wall fixtures provide a warm glow to the room.

Table and Floor Lamps

Portable lamps like table and floor lamps help position light exactly where it is needed, filling empty spaces as decorative accents while also providing task or accent lighting. Styles include rustic lamps, mission-style lamps, Art Nouveau-inspired Tiffany-style lamps, modern lamps and much more. Keep your interiors unified with decorative lighting that complements the style of your home and interior furnishings.

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