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Benefits of Using a VPN

When connecting to public wifi in places like malls or airports, your device could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your information while passing it through a secure server keeping your data safe from hackers. From disguising your real location to keeping your passwords safe, here’s a list of how you can benefit from using a VPN.

IP Masking

When you use the Internet your device is uniquely identified by an IP address. With a VPN service, your real IP address is masked and your device takes on the secure server’s IP address. This allows you to keep your identity, location, and online activities private.

Access to Geo-Restricted Services

Sometimes certain services like paid streaming content are restricted to a certain country or region. Using a VPN can help circumvent this restriction by taking advantage of IP masking. This can be especially helpful if you want to catch up on your favorite TV shows when traveling abroad.

Censorship Work-Around

Many governments impose internet censorship on their citizens and tourists alike. From accessing banned services like social media, instant messengers, and VOIP services, VPNs can prove valuable in helping bypass censorship.

Data Privacy

Public Wifi is not secure and these connections can easily be manipulated to gain access to your personal data. When activated a VPN creates a tunnel between your device and the selected secure VPN server. The VPN then encrypts your information before transmitting it through the server making it almost impossible to intercept.

Vp Ns Are Not Network-Dependent

Whether you are on WiFi, a cellular network or a hotspot VPN software allows you to connect to the internet securely with ease.

Router Support

Installing a VPN directly on your router secures all information that passes through the router. This provides greater security and data privacy without installing a VPN on multiple devices.

Multi-Device Compatibility

A great feature is that VPN software can be used on computers, routers, and mobile devices. While some VPNs offer device-specific apps, others require minimal effort to set up.

Compared with free VPN services available online, paid subscriptions generally offer more features and stronger encryption. Keeping all the above benefits in mind, consider all your available options before selecting a VPN service.

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