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9 Secrets to Getting the Best Travel Deals Ever!

Vacation-planning can be harrowing, but the most experienced travelers will tell you there is a trick to getting it right. Comparison shopping and traveling off-season are just a few ways you can make the most of your next vacation or travel adventure.

Use Deals/offer Websites

Check out lesser-known travel information sites that might have better sales or more information. Travelers should do their homework about hotels and destinations on various travel websites before settling on an itinerary.

Explore the World by River

Many of Europe’s most beautiful cities were built along major waterways. This provides an excellent option for those of you who have a smaller budget and want to see multiple cities. River cruises usually have smaller vessels and can dock in ports that their bigger siblings can’t navigate. The prices are lower and seasoned travelers will have much more control over what they would like to do along the way. 

Don’t Neglect the Direct Route

If you’re looking for a hotel, it might sometimes be smarter to go straight to the source. While hotel aggregators sometimes have great deals, call the hotel and ask if they can match it. 

Get on A Repositioning Cruise

Depending on the season, cruise lines move their ships from region to region. Rather than run those ships empty, they often offer discounted one-way repositioning cruises. These cruises cost significantly less than high-season cruises with all the standard features of the ship at a much lower price. 

Score Online Bounce-Back Deals

The next time you go online shopping for a travel booking, make all your selections,  enter your personal information and opt-in for email offers. Just don’t follow through and pay. It’s quite likely you will soon start getting offers that are significantly lower. Most sites want to secure your booking and browser cookies remember your search history and target you with other ads that may be better as well.

Make the Most of Rewards

Travel rewards credit cards are a great idea if you travel often. Many of them let you earn points and miles that you can use besides benefits like lounge access, waived excess baggage fees, etc. Plus international transactions are free.

Try Staying at Someone’s Home

One way to get free accommodations is a house swap. Exchange homes with someone in another city or country or opt to stay with someone in their home. Numerous sites are making it economical and appealing to find a place to stay. Plus you can get a local experience and a better feel of the area.

Find the Perfect Time to Book

If you’re looking to book a domestic flight, do it on a Wednesday. Tuesday and Saturday are also great options. If you’re looking for a cheaper fare, flying on holidays like Christmas Day, New Year or others can save you hundreds of dollars. Timings for hotel deals are not as well defined. They can vary depending on the kind of property you’re looking for and when you plan to stay there.

Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

If you’re 55 years or over, you have many benefits to explore when traveling. Cruise liners offer senior discounts, hotel chains have special offers, and even airlines give you many travel-related deals that you’d otherwise not be able to afford.

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