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8 Jobs that Can Help You to Make Money at Home

Whether you’re finding it difficult to get a job at an office or you have to work from home to look after the kids, there’s plenty of paid work that you can do. Most of these jobs require some necessary skills, a computer, and a quick internet connection. To save costs, several companies are now warming up to outsourcing jobs to people who work from home.

Take a look at these eight work-from-home jobs.

Direct Sales Agent

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to close deals, companies are willing to share their profits with you. From gardening supplies and beauty products to books and wine, you can earn a 20% to 35% commission for organizing get-togethers to sell a company’s products.

Virtual Assistant

Many companies pay anywhere between $10 and 15 an hour for a virtual assistant. This job entails doing typical office duties like data entry, handling social media, updating calendars and replying to emails.

Company Customer Service

Several companies looking to cut their overhead costs employ representatives who work from home. Costing companies up to $18 an hour, these representatives help customers make decisions, place orders and resolve conflicts over the phone or online.

English Trainer for Corporates

If you are fluent in English and have the necessary computer skills, some companies are willing to pay about $15 an hour. This job involves speaking or chatting with non-native English speakers who are looking to practice their language skills for corporate environments. These companies also guide trainers on how to conduct such lessons before starting.


For someone with little or no experience, transcribing files can pay up to $25 an hour. Transcription typically involves typing out what you hear on audio files. Jobs can vary from transcribing a medical dictation to typing down the contents of an educational lecture.

Survey Taker

Surveys typically are opinion polls and answering product or shopping-related questions. Depending on the survey length and type, you could make between $1 and $50 per survey.

Tester for Websites

Checking that sites are easy to navigate and finding errors is a painstaking process. Companies pay testers to follow a given set of instructions while on the website and report their findings. These tests generally take 15-20 minutes and pay $10-$15 for your time.

Search Engine Evaluator

Online search engines like Yahoo! and Google give you information to search for, and you provide feedback on how closely their results matched what you looked for. If you are familiar with other cultures and are an English speaker, these companies can pay between $9 and $10 an hour.

As long as you have the time to dedicate yourself to work, there is money to be made without leaving your home.  Though we’d caution you to beware of work at home scams that require a sign-up fee. Do your homework before starting any kind of independent work that doesn’t cover you from fraud.

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