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8 Easy Way to Make the Most of Your Cruise

Cruise liners take pleasure in planning the perfect holiday. Affording you every comfort, convenience, and facility in one place, they try and think of ticking all the boxes on your wishlist. But where do you start?

Check out these easy steps to make sure you have a memorable cruise anywhere.

Location, Location, Location

Instead of just taking what is assigned to you, study the deck plan. If you prefer some peace, stay away from the stairways and elevators. Rooms close to these areas are much better suited to anyone who wants to be up and about quickly. Higher decks offer better views, but a lower deck is the one to pick if you’re prone to seasickness.

Avoid Peak Embarkation Times

Bypass the crowd, and get straight to good times on deck by showing up before noon or after 14:00. These are typically peak boarding or disembarking times and can be busy, noisy and crowded.

Acquire a New Skill

Cruise ships have a way of making everything more fun. Classes like cooking and dancing are easy to find on most cruise liners, but some also offer specialized courses like glass blowing, art appreciation, and pottery.

Try a Smart App to Plan Better

Organizing your trip needn’t be restrictive. Customize your entire cruise adventure in one digital location. Several intelligent apps help you to book excursions, keep up with your group and even get your favorite pizza delivered to your ship.

Get Some Room Service

Cruises can be overwhelming with the number of games and activities they plan so close together. It can be exhausting and leave you hungry, tired and unwilling to leave the room. The good news is, you don’t have to leave the coziness of your stateroom. Many cruise lines offer complimentary room service 24-hours a day, sometimes for a small fee. Worth it, if you prefer some downtime in the privacy of your room.

Shore Excursions

Enjoying the selection of onboard amusements when out at sea is excellent.  But the real highlights are often the shore excursions that you can book locally or through the liner itself. While booking with the ship can be a bit more expensive, it affords you more safety and makes sure the boat won’t leave without you.

Movies in The Moonlight

Few things are more romantic than snuggling up with a loved one out on the deck and taking in a movie. Float through the night, poolside as you take in a unique cinematic experience over the open waters. Whether you’re in a relaxing deck chair or the hot tub, this is a popular cruise activity you should try at least once.

Try Onboard Babysitting

Cruises are all about the entire family having a great time. This means that some cruise liners are now offering late-night group babysitting, so you don’t have to rush through adult-only events to tuck in your little ones. Some even have in-cabin sitters to care for multiple children right in the comfort of your cabin. Slots fill up fast, so if you’re thinking about it, reserve a spot for yourself as soon as you can.

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