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7 Ways to Hack Your Hotel Stay

We’re sure most people have reasonable expectations of creature comforts they can expect to find in a hotel room. But sometimes you need that little bit extra to make your stay a more pleasant experience. Here are some of our best tips and tricks for getting more out of your hotel room every time.

Wrinkles Be Gone

While most hotels will provide you with an iron if you need one, not all offer this amenity. Create your own wrinkle remover by turning up the hot water and shutting the bathroom door. Hang your crumpled garment as close to the steam as possible and watch as the lines disappear. Don’t have time for this idea? Use the hotel hairdryer in sweeping motions to remove wrinkles quickly.

Childproofing on The Go

Traveling with children can be a game-changer. Many hotels are equipped with amenities like cribs and outlet covers to keep kids and parents happy. Remember to make the request in advance and call before arriving to make sure it’s all set up. In a pinch, a roll of duct/masking tape works to cover outlets, cushion corners and keep drawers shut.

Multitasking TV for the win

The hotel television is one of the most multipurpose devices you will find. Use the USB ports to charge your smartphones and other devices or plug-in a wireless streaming device like Chromecast or Fire Stick into the HDMI port, connect to WiFi and settle in for a marathon movie session.

In-Room Gym

Most hotel rooms offer you enough space to do bodyweight exercises, practice yoga and stretch comfortably. Carry a lightweight yoga mat, resistance band or use liter water bottles as dumbbells. There’s no wrong way to get in your daily quota of exercise, just remember not to overdo it.

Easy Connectivity

While many hotels now provide free WiFi, smaller lodgings may charge you by the hour or by the number of devices you wish to connect. You can save a ton of money by carrying a WiFi base station to connect all your devices using a single internet connection without additional charges. Buy yourself a VPN service to protect your identity and data and make audio and video calls via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime to cut down on in-room phone costs.

Turn It Up

Need higher volume from your phone? That’s an easy fix. Turn an empty coffee mug or water glass into a sound amplifier by placing your phone inside it. Just remember to turn it down during the wee hours, or you’ll disturb the neighboring room occupants.

Put Free Amenities to Better Use

Use hotel-provided hair conditioner as a makeup remover, cuticle softener or even shaving cream. Shower caps come in handy for shielding shoe soles before packing or covering room service leftovers before you stash it in the mini-fridge. Get makeshift blackout curtains by using the clips on hotel hangers to pin shut curtains that don’t close all the way and make the most of laundry bags for storing wet clothes or dirty laundry on your way back home.

Finally, when in doubt, ask the staff. People leave stuff behind all the time, and often it lands up in a communal box at the reception. You can get everything from clean toothbrushes and shaving kits from the housekeeping service to a temporary charger for your phone. Good luck!

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