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7 Cool Hacks to Get the Cheapest Domestic Air Travel Tickets

While all the passengers in your airplane cabin class might be traveling together, chances are they haven’t paid the same price for their tickets. All your research and booking in advance will only get you so far. If you want an even better deal, especially when flying within the US, check out these pro hacks.

Tip 1: Skiplagging or Hidden City Ticketing

This might sound like it’s straight out of science fiction, but it is entirely possible if you’re traveling with hand luggage only. Instead of booking your flight from A to B, book it from A to C via B if that option is cheaper. The trick – walk out of the airport at destination B instead of flying onward. Though, we’d caution you to use this tip sparingly with a single airline or risk getting banned.

Tip 2: Take Advantage of Free Cancellation

Most consumers, even the well-traveled ones, are unaware of the fact that you can cancel most airline purchases in the US within 24 hours of making the booking. Check flight ticket prices a few times before the deadline passes and rebook if there’s a price drop.

Tip 3: Use Your Air Miles

Many people accumulate frequent flyer miles but never end up using them. What you should do is reserve air miles those times when you need to be a last-minute ticket, which is usually the most expensive fare. You might end up getting a considerable discount only because you’re using your loyalty points rather than cash.

Tip 4: Sign up For Newsletters

If you don’t mind your inbox getting flooded by travel marketing on the chance that you get a great deal, this is for you. Travel agency newsletters sometimes have the best flash sales that have great offers. But, it’s not all spam. The catch is that you have a short time to book a great trip with significant savings.

Tip 5: Try the Round Trip Hack.

Most airlines only sell round-trip tickets using their own or partner airline’s flights. This automatically eliminates numerous competing airlines with whom they do not have an agreement and might even be a lot cheaper. Instead of looking for a round trip ticket, try searching for two one-way tickets on different airlines instead. You’ll have more control and more options to choose from.

Tip 6: Upgrade to Pay Less

Sometimes paying a little bit to upgrade will allow you one more piece of either hand or checked luggage. This option is the best when it works out cheaper than paying for excess baggage. Plus you get more meal, boarding, amenities options, and legroom when you’re on board.

Tip 6: Senior/Student/Youth Discounts

If you are currently studying, are under 26 years or over 60 years of age then you might be in luck. Most airlines reserve many offers and discounts for these categories and give you everything from the choice of meals and priority boarding to big discounts.

Tip 7: Southwest Might Be Best (for Shoppers)

If you’re a minimalist, you probably don’t have extra baggage worries. But, if you’re planning on getting a lot of shopping done, heading for a wedding weekend or can use the additional baggage option, check out Southwest. They allow you two free bags and charge no extra fees for checked baggage, laptop bags and other frills that might have a price tag attached elsewhere.

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