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5 Ways to Store Your Winter Clothes Better

As the mercury rises and those woollies start looking less and less inviting, it’s time to start thinking about putting away your winter wear. But basement, closets or attic it’s tempting to toss everything into a bag and forget about it until next winter. You could end up with some damage, total damage or none at all, but is the risk worth it when it comes to some of your most expensive pieces? The right storage will keep your winter wear looking great for years to come.

Here’s what you should be thinking about while putting away your woollies.

Pick the Right Spot for Storage

Select a place that’s cool, dry, away from sunlight, where the temperature is relatively constant. This makes the usual attic or basement storage one you need to think about. If your basement sees extreme temperature variations, you can damage your entire wardrobe. Pick spots that are dry, because humidity and moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow and multiply. Finally, sunlight can be great for drying clothes, but when it comes to storage, this is one of the top reasons your brightest colors will end up looking worn and faded. If your attic or basement isn’t temperature controlled, think about storing off-season clothing under your bed. Place it on some of the higher shelves in your walk-in or a spare closet in your home.

Clean Before Storing

Food, wine, dust, and dirt – you want to get rid of all stains that ruin your clothes over the time it is stored. But even without stains, wearing your garments can leave them with sweat and odors that can attract bugs and insects. Your best bet to keeping your winter wear in top shape is to dry-clean, stain treat and wash your winter clothing before putting it away. This way, you’ll have a wardrobe full of clean winter wear once you’re ready for it.

Put Fewer Items in Every Container

While some things, like puffy jackets, do well in space vacuum-compression bags, other items will lose their shape unless they are correctly stored. Winter boots and shoes are also usually bulky. Store boots with toe shapers and make sure tall boots have enough room and aren’t crushed. Avoid overfilling them with too many pairs of boots, or they might come out twisted by the time you’re ready to use them.

Protection Against Moths

We’ve all had that one favorite piece of winter wear chomped on by angry moths. While we don’t love the holes in our clothing, we probably hate the smell of mothballs even more. Instead, try adding a sprig of lavender or fragrant pieces of cedarwood to deter moths and give your clothes a mild scent when you open them up after months of storage.

Use Acid-Free Tissue for Delicates

Vintage dresses and cashmere sweaters are expensive and sometimes one of a kind. Natural-fibers are delicate and don’t do well in plastic or regular tissue paper. These pieces like to breathe. Unless your tissue is acid-free it will break down or damage the fibers over some time. Investing in acid-free tissue is a small price to pay for your most cherished pieces.

We hope these tips will shed some light on how you can correctly store your winter wear and get years of continued use from them.

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