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5 Reasons An E-book Is Better Than A Traditional Book

For someone who truly loves reading, there’s no real battle between the e-book and a traditional paper book. Both options have their merits and can and often do exist side by side. Having said that, there are areas in which an e-book or your e-reader, kindle or device trumps a traditional book, hands down. If you’re a skeptic in need of more persuasion, here are five reasons an e-reader could be your new best friend.

It’s Super Portable

Take it on your commute, carry it along when you travel, read it at the dentist’s, slip it into your school bag, pull it out when you’re waiting for someone at a coffee shop. There are a million places where you’ll be grateful for that lightweight device that conveniently allows you to read on the go.  

You Can Browse and Purchase a Book Instantly

No more visiting the bookshop or library and no more waiting days for your book order to arrive. Just visit the shopping section of your e-reader to find tens of thousands of titles right at your fingertips. If something strikes your fancy but you’re not sure you want to buy it, read a sample for free. Purchasing a book is just a few clicks away and you can start reading right away too.

You’ll End up Reading a Lot More

A combination of the above two reasons means that you’ll be able to get a lot more reading done.

You Can Connect to Thousands of Other Readers

Most e-readers have built-in access to GoodReads, the world’s largest online reading community. Read book reviews, stay up to date on new releases by your favorite authors and give and get book recommendations. Your e-reader will connect you to a whole community of readers from all over the world.

E-Readers Keep Your Place for You and Are Easily Searchable

Power up your e-reader after a long day at work and it opens right at the page you stopped reading. If you have a book that you thumb often or refer to frequently, you can search for a chapter or portion of the book from the table of contents. This saves a lot of time if you want to cross-reference something for school or work.

You Can Adjust Font Sizes Styles

No more squinting over super small fonts in your paperback. Clean sans-serif fonts against a no-nonsense white background make for comfortable reading.

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