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10 Ways To Style Your Blanket Scarf

Oversized, warm and with immense potential for styling, blanket scarves are the trend piece to own this year. But learning to make the most of one can be quite challenging if you think about it. Check out this handy guide on how to tie and style them in different ways for that celeb-inspired chic cold-weather look.

Cinched Under Your Jacket

A blanket scarf is surprisingly easy to belt under a coat. Layers of winter wear can hide a great waist, and this is a great way to bring it back into the headlight. To wear it like this, drape the scarf over your neck, letting it hang down in front. Next, wrap your belt over it at your natural waist and layer your jacket on top.

Kerchief Style

Thanks to their square shape, blanket scarves easily can be worn like an oversized kerchief. Create this faux cowl necked look by grabbing two opposite corners of the scarf, crossing them behind your neck and bringing them around to the front. Finish off by tucking the tails under the triangle.

Cover Those Shoulders

Perhaps the most relaxed and casual way to wear this kind of thick scarf is to throw it over your shoulders. Make it work as the ultimate accent to your outerwear look and pick a bright color to elevate an all-black or dark winter look.

Cardigan Transformation

This look works best when you belt the oversized scarf over a fitted garment like a wrap dress, a bodysuit or even a tight turtleneck. Just make sure you have enough space for your arms to fit through comfortably.

Make Like a Shawl

Another excellent drape is to throw this scarf around yourself. Get some much-needed warmth by letting it cover your arms and shoulders with this fuss-free styling.

Wrap It Up

Insanely warm and snuggly; this is the closest you will get to walking around with your favorite blanket wrapped around you. While many of us can’t get enough of an elegant drape, this messy, throw over kind of wrap and drape is just perfect for a laid back, comfortable look that quite literally falls as it will.  

Faux Infinity Scarf

Always wanted an infinity scarf but don’t want to buy one until you’re sure, try using your blanket scarf as an infinity scarf to keep it contained to your neck and stop it from taking over your whole look.

Simple Rectangle

Fold it in half and let each side fall straight down the front of your body in two even rectangles. This might seem too simple at first, but it’s perfect if you’ve got a scarf with bold all-over prints or a bright color block design. 

Asymmetrical Wrap

Add some interest and mystery to your scarf when you drape it into an asymmetrical wrap. Give your old jeans and tees a glam, ladylike upgrade in minutes with this easy to pull off pairing.

Uneven Ending

The whole point of a blanket scarf is the exaggerated size and massive statement it can make. Create natural drama with an irregular tail on one side by folding your scarf in half along the length, wrapping one end around your neck and letting the other hand hang down. Tuck in loose ends so the long tail looks polished and not sloppy.

With temperatures dropping, there’s probably no better time than the present to figure out how you can make the most of this winter accessory and give your winter wear some much-needed oomph.

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