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10 Secrets Your Plumber Won’t Tell You

When it comes to fixing water leaks and other problems in the bathroom, you can either grab a set of tools or call for professional help. But there are some things that your helpful plumber won’t let you know outright that may benefit you.

Get Multiple Quotes

Shopping Around for A Plumber Gives You a Better Idea or The Price and Range of The Project. Ask for References and Call Them to Verify the Plumber’s Reputation.

Plumbers Need a License

Professional plumbers require a license to work. These plumbers know the local regulations and building codes and are less likely to get you into trouble with the authorities. Typically, these plumbers are insured and have to complete a certain number of work hours to be licensed.

The Toilet Handle Is a Quick Fix

A loose toilet handle can easily be repaired at home without professional help. A new flap valve can be purchased at a hardware store and installed with minimum effort. 

They Fix and Leave

Plumbers generally will fix the plumbing problems that they were called in for. They do not, however, clean up after. Reaching for fittings behind a wall may cause damage, but this clean up is not included in the plumber’s scope of work.  It may be beneficial to discuss in detail how much of a mess the job entails and plan before the start of the project. 

Leaky Toilets Can Be Fixed Easily

Leaking showers are a frequent problem and don’t always need professional help. A quick fix is to check if the handle is stuck. This can be solved by applying lubricant to where the handle meets the porcelain. 

Shut Off Outside Faucets During Winter

Disconnecting outside hoses in the fall helps avoid frozen pipes in the winter months. Before draining and storing your pipes away, ensure that the water is shut off from inside the house too. 

Find Good Recommendations

When tight on time and you can’t shop around, call a hardware or plumbing supply store for suggestions. These stores often refuse to work with bad plumbers and could save you a lot of hassle.

The Right Part May Take Weeks

Even if You Need Repairs Done in A Hurry, Sometimes the Plumber You Hired Could Claim that The Required Part Is Not Available. It Could Take up To a Few Weeks to Complete the Job. Don’t Be Afraid to Employ Another Plumber Who Can Get the Needed Parts in A Hurry. While Doing Your Research, You Could Also Find that You Have a Choice of Parts for The Plumbing Job. a Plumber Might Not Tell You that You Could Stand to Save Money by Buying Pvc Pipes Instead of Copper

Moving a Sink or Toilet Is Possible

If a plumber tells you that a fixture like a sink or a toilet cannot be moved, ask for a detailed explanation. They often do not volunteer information that would increase their workload.

Save on Professionals by Using Good Material

Plumbers generally are not forthcoming when it comes to advising you on the quality of fittings and fixtures. High-quality fixtures will last a long time before they need to be checked by a professional. Sometimes it makes sense to spend a more substantial amount initially to save on repairs in the long run.

Now that you are in the know, that next home improvement project will be more straightforward and a lot more convenient to plan.

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